Anti explosion Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy S7

Σκληρό γυαλί υψηλής προστασίας για το Samsung Galaxy S7 Η απόλυτη προστασία της οθόνης του κινητού σας.
The item is made to protect the LCD from damage and scratches with specially processed glass that has been reinforced to increase shock absorbency.The entire surface of the protector is transparent and the back side is covered with a strong silicon adhesive for easy installation. When installed, there are no gaps between the LCD and the protector which means the touch screen's sensitivity is unaffected.


*High Quality and Brand New.
*Hardness of 9H, Only 0.3mm thick.
*Made of Chemical Processed Glass, Has Excellent Display Effect.
*High Screen Sensitivity And Comfortable Touch Feeling.
*Compare with Normal Screen Guard, this Tempered Glass Screen Guard Can Resist Scratches And Damages From Sharp Metals.
*With High Light Penetration Rate, Even Stick With This Film Guard.
*Anti Oil/ Water Coating, Avoid Smudges And Reduce Fingerprints.
*Slim Tempered Glass Made By High Technical Process.
*Advanced Silicone Adhesion.

How to use:

Step 1:Peel the protective layer off the adhesive side
Step 2:Carefully align the film lightly (Only a minimum amount of pressure is necessary)
Step 3:Press center of the film to stick onto your screen
Tips: If air bubbles get tapped under the film, try to remove them beginning from the center.
Smaller bubbles shoulder disappear within 1-2 days

Compatible with:

*For Samsung Galaxy S7

Package included:

1 x Tempered Glass Film
1 x Clean Tool Kit
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: temp.0035 galaxy S7

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