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✔Dual Camera ✔5G Frequency ✔GPS Positioning ✔Limited Free Case
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  • SG907 GPS Quadcopter Drone
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✔Dual Camera ✔5G Frequency ✔GPS Positioning ✔Limited Free Case
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  • SG701S GPS Quadcopter Drone
SG907 GPS Drone 4K 1080P Dual Camera Quadcopter (SG907 GPS Quadcopter Drone)

SG907 GPS Drone 4K 1080P Dual Camera Quadcopter


GPS returns to the takeoff point with one button, low power returns, no signal returns.
① GPS smart follow:  After the aircraft links to GPS, the APP follow function is turned on, and the aircraft follows the mobile phone.
②Image following: 1-5m from the aircraft to identify the subject and perform automatic follow-up flight.
③Gesture shooting recognition: within 1-5 m of the aircraft, facing the camera to make a photo gesture / camera gesture.
④Multi-point route planning flight: The aircraft autonomously flies according to the set route, and the player focuses on shooting.
⑤Spot surround: Find the surrounding center point and then move the desired radius through the joystick.
⑥The aircraft recovery function: continuously click the GPS signal icon 3 times to open the map interface, the map shows the final distance of the aircraft, latitude and longitude position.
⑦MV function: Several filter effects are available on the APP interface. You can add popular background music and create a wonderful music video. Share on the social network site.
(8). 4K/1080P HD Camera: Adjustable camera by transmitter, 90°, capturing unprecedented shots from inimitable angles upon sky.

1080P Camera:

  • Video video resolution (front camera): HD: 1920*1080P
  • Photo image resolution (front camera) 1920*1080P

4K Camera:

  • Video video resolution (front camera): HD: 2048*1080P
  • Photo image resolution (front camera) 4096*3072P


Item name: SG907 GPS RC Drone
Flying time: about 18 minutes (Select battery)
Remote control: WiFi APP
Product size: 32x36x7.5 cm (unfolded), 15x9x7.5 cm (folding)
Charging time: About 4 Hours
Camera: 4 K / 1080 P

(Front camera):
Video resolution(1080P):1920x1080P
Photo resolution(1080P):1920x1080P
Video resolution(4K):2048x1080
Photo resolution(4K):4096*3072P

(Lower camera):
Video resolution(1080P/4K):1280*720p
Photo resolution(1080P/4K):1280*720p
Frame rate:25 fps
Drone battery: 7.4 V 1600 mAh modular battery
Control distance: About 500 m
Camera lens: 120 °
Focal length:50 X
GPS Follow me:30M
Adjustable angle camera:Adjustable camera by transmitter, 90°

Product functions:

Rise / fall, trun left / right, forward, backward, fly left / right, fast and slow control, video, photo, uncontrolled return, low voltage return, one button fixed height, GPS fixed / fixed height, fixed point flight, smart follows, round point flight

Package Included:

1 * aircraft
1 * remote control
1 * Remote joystick (pair)
1/2/3 * 7.4 V 1600 mAh Body Battery
1 * USB cable
1 * screwdriver
2 * Spare Propeller
1 * English Manual

✔Dual Camera ✔5G Frequency ✔GPS Positioning ✔Limited Free Case
Out of Stock
SG701S GPS 5G Drone WIFI FPV 4K Dual Camera Quadcopter (SG701S GPS Quadcopter Drone)

ZLRC SG701-S GPS 5G WIFI FPV With Dual 4K 1080P Optical Flowing Ajustable Camera 50X Zoom RC Quadcopter Drone RTF



Brand: ZLL (ZLRC)

Item name: SG701-S

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Frequency: WIFI 5G

Anti-Shake Self-Stabilizing: Yes

Battery capacity: 7.4V 1300mAh Lipo Battery

Remote control battery: 4x1.5V "AAA" battery

Control distance: 500m( (Free interference and no occlusion)

Flight time: 15mins

Charging time: 1.5h

USB Charging: 5V

App Name: KY FPV

Optical Flow Positioning: Yes

Wide Angle Camera: Yes

Camera lens: 120°

Wifi image transmission distance: 300m

Focal length:50x zoom

Hand gesture shooting/video reconization:1-3m

Front camera:

Photo resolution: 4096*2160P (1080P interpolation)

Video resolution: 1920*1080P

Frame rate: 25fps

Bottom camera:

Photo resolution: 4096*2160P (1080P interpolation)

Video resolution: 2160*1080P

Frame rate: 25fps

Product's Weight: 190g

Quadcopter's Size: 



Package Size:

Foam Case Size: 30.5*19*10.5cm

Bag Size: 25*22*8cm


- 4K HD Camera:

With movie-level video resolution, 4K anti-shake HD,excellent optical performance can record every memorable monment in your life.

- GPS Mode/Optical Flow Mode Switch

- Low Battery Return:

When the power of the aircraft is low, the aircraft will automatically return to home.

- Fixed-Point Flight:

After drawing the flight waypoint on the APP map interface, the drone will automatically fly along the preset waypoint trajectory.

Package Included:

1X RC drone

1X Remote Controller

1X 7.4V 1300mAh Lipo Battery

4X Propeller

4X Propeller Guard

1X USB charging cable

1X Screwdriver

1X User manual

✔Dual Camera ✔5G Frequency ✔GPS Positioning ✔Limited Free Case
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