K21 GPS Waterproof ip68 Camera Kids Smart Watch

✔️Αδιάβροχο ip68 ✔️SOS Call ✔️Εντοπισμός GPS ✔️Camera ✔️Παιχνίδια

K21 GPS Waterproof ip68 Camera Kids Smart Watch

Νέο εκπληκτικό K21 GPS Waterproof ip68 Camera Kids Smart Watch
✔️Αδιάβροχο ip68 ✔️SOS Call ✔️Εντοπισμός GPS ✔️Camera ✔️5 Παιχνίδια
Το απαραίτητο δώρο για το παιδί σας που θα λατρέψει ❤️.
Αγοράστε το τώρα στην ιστοσελίδα μας
Τηλεφωνήστε μας ή στείλτε μήνυμα 
λέγοντας μας σε πιο Ακης εξπρές να το στείλουμε και τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας.
ΔΩΡΕΑΝ αποστολή & πληρωμή μετρητά.
Περιορισμένο στοκ.

✔️ Call function: GSM four-frequency two-way call
✔️ Clock Display: Digital Clock Display
✔️ Interview: Real-time Voice Dialogue
✔️ Footprint: Playback of Historical Track
✔️ Map Location: GPS & LBS
✔️ SOS Call for Rescue: One-keySOS Call Cycle for Rescue, Three SOS Kinship Numbers
✔️ Voice monitoring: remote silent callback monitoring
✔️ Disturbance-free period: Baby in learning, do not disturb
✔️ Green firewall: filtering unfamiliar numbers and information
✔️ Short Message Reminder: Low Power Reminder, SOS Reminder
✔️ Phone book: Baby watch phone book, this number can be dialed out.
✔️ Remote Shutdown: Preventing Malicious Shutdown.
✔️ Love Reward: Baby is great. Give him a five-star reward.
✔️ Looking for Watches: Smart Watch Location anytime, anywhere
✔️Watch comes with five games: Whac-A-Mole, Ninja parkour, Cornucopia, Brave Monkey, Puzzle Math

K21 GPS Waterproof ip68 Camera Kids Smart Watch Setup.
* You have to add a sim card into smartwatch with talk time and 2G GPRS internet access.
If Cyta mobile so easy, you have to add first the sim to a smartphone and go to settings to remove the pin.
**Wait for smartwatch to reply the sms before proceed to the next step, use lower case without spaces.
***If you don't have response from smartwatch then change the 123456 to 523681

1)Factory settings


smartwatch will replied: factory ok,reset..

2)  GPS Europe IP Tracker Applications connection


smartwatch will replied: [surl,,port,8001#] ok!


3)Based on your career network
Cyta Mobile - APN Settings - Kids Smart Watch -  Cyprus Setup



(if the number in the watch is on pay monthly plan)..


(if the number in the watch is soeasy)

MTN - APN Settings - Kids Smart Watch -  Cyprus Setup


PRIMETEL- APN Settings - Kids Smart Watch -  Cyprus Setup

Lower case no spaces


4) Edit Date and Time Smart Watch Setup


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